Short Writing Assignments For Hypochondriacs: #1 A Headache

06.06.2011 writing

A journal is a very useful thing for a hypochondriac. When you die your friends and family will find it and you’ll have the last word: “See! I told you I was sick!” The various symptoms that you may also worry about make excellent fodder for writing exercises. Describe your pain, your feelings, the symptoms. [...]

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The Gaps In Your Knowledge

09.01.2010 Books and Literature

You do not know everything. In fact, you are mistaken, wrong about a great many things. Even worse, you have gaps in your knowledge that likely cause you to hold opinions and make decisions that are counter to your own interests and welfare. And the less you know, the more likely you are to think [...]

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Strength in Selectivity

08.09.2010 Business

How many times to you find yourself saying, “Sorry, I’d love to spend more time with you, but I have to . . .”? For me, it’s been far too of often. But in this last year I’ve made a real effort to take control of my time and my life, to not shortchange time [...]

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Prediction #5: There Will Be No You Version 2.0

08.06.2010 Future

Yesterday I wrote about the potential for a 1.5 release version of you. But I’m not holding out for a 2.0. While we might be able to extend our lives, extend our capabilities, and improve our lives as we age, I don’t think we’ll be able to make that great scifi leap and move our [...]

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What’s Next? Five Predictions About The Future

08.02.2010 Future

When I named this blog, I wanted to focus not only on getting grounded and doing good work today, but becoming prepared for the future.  This week, let’s concentrate on the future. Vernor Vinge, mathematician and writer, proposed in a paper to NASA in 1993 that the rate of increase in technology might bring us [...]

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