More Than The Chorus

09.15.2014 Music

You probably know all of the words to “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.” Or do you? What you probably think of as the whole song is only the chorus. And when you see the full song the meaning changes, and I believe, becomes richer. This popular song is about a young woman, a […]

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Shopping For The Zombie Apocalypse: Don’t Forget The Music Store

07.23.2014 Future

What’s the most unlikely place to shop when fleeing an apocalyptic event? Your local music store. For example, you’ll eventually want to wash your clothes, but without power and water that’s difficult. You can beat your clothing on a rock in a stream, but why not use the traditional wash board? Because they’re almost impossible to […]

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Advice For The Beginning Musician: Never Buy An Instrument Without Playing It First

06.05.2014 Music

If you want to play a musical instrument just order one off of the internet. No. Do not. Please don’t do that. You should really touch and play an instrument first before purchasing it. This is not obvious or self-evident. But it is one of the first steps in becoming a musician. You might get […]

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Learn Something New To Correct Old Mistakes

02.11.2014 writing

I thought that I could read music. I took piano lessons for years as a child from an old woman, Viola Hicks, who drove around to the scattered farm houses and gave half hour lessons for one dollar a session. And I did learn to play. I can pound out a ragtime tune from Scott […]

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Ask For Books And Music

01.07.2014 Books and Literature

When it’s your turn to receive gifts, your birthday or any other special day, and friends and family ask you, “what do you want?” be prepared. Even when you can’t think of anything else, you can have a list of books and music prepared that you might enjoy. It is very, very risky buying books […]

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