Write Hungry

by Randy Murray on October 14, 2014

Write hungry.

Use the urgency, that primal drive, to hurry you forward. There are things to say, so you must not yet satisfy the ravening beast within.

Write famished. Not peckish, not dimly aware that it is time for lunch, but because your body cries out for sustenance.

Write with an empty stomach. Put off writing until you are eager to satisfy your desire for food, for fulfillment.

Write through the hunger, the weakness, the shaky hands, and growling belly. Do not ignore the hunger. Embrace it. While the drive may block some other actions, you can use it to propel you to the page, to let other, lesser drives run free and find expression in your words while you let the greedy beast within howl in complaint.

You will, eventually, satiate this yearning, but it will return. And when it does you will be ready. You are its master and before you give in, you will write.

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