Write Saddened

by Randy Murray on October 15, 2014

Write saddened.

Not all days are sweetness and light. At times there is nothing to do but acknowledge the sadness, and though discouraged, find our way back to the page.

Write through your dampened spirit. The weight maybe heavy, but there is a balm in our art. We put words to the unsayable, the unwritten. And while our efforts may not lessen the oppression, the act of writing is one of defiance.

Write with your dejected heart open to the world, exposed, raw, and without protection, without shield.

And as you learn to write when others are cowered and withdrawn you will find new strength. Strength and great power comes to those who write while others close their books and bow their heads.

And that is our great secret. Writers are the most powerful of all humans. Others may see us as dreamers, but we wield forces beyond their knowing and comprehension.

There is no sadness that can conquer that.

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