Write Sleepy

by Randy Murray on October 16, 2014

Write sleepy.

Write when your mind cries out to be turned off. Your dozy state may let you circumvent that cumbersome editor who insists that you slow down and get things write.

You will make mistakes. Let the errors and typos stand and right on.

While you struggle and yawn you can ignore that complaining, nay-saying voice, already snoozing, and let things slip through that would normally be prohibited.

Write when your body is listless and sluggish. You may struggle to focus, but your mind still turns, though perhaps more slowly. A few lines now may reveal veins of gold for mining later.

Write in this dopey, hypnotic state. It may seem impossible, but strange and wonderful things can happen when you stay at your keyboard longer than you should. Let yourself run off the road of your page, your head heavy and your eyes barely open. There may be something in you just waiting for some lack of attention, for you to let your defenses down, for a moment just like this.

You may tell yourself lies about your ability to write. You cannot write when you are angry or sad or hungry or sleepy. Lies. You can. These may not be the best of times for you to write, but write you can anytime.

And that, fellow writers, is what I’m trying to say. There should be no boundaries, no limits to how and when you write.

Write sleepy. What are you afraid might happen?

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