About First Today, Then Tomorrow

Randy Murray is a professional copywriter.

Although originally trained as a playwright, Randy has spent the last two and a half decades writing for others, primarily as a technology marketer. He helps companies change their “content” to communication. He has extensive experience in marketing and business management.

Here at First Today, Then Tomorrow he’ll share his thoughts on business, life, writing, productivity, and the shape of things to come.

He lives and works just outside Columbus, Ohio.

Need to get in touch with Randy? Want to hire him?  Read about his approach here:  Who Writes For You?

What you won’t find here:

  • Get Rich Quick schemes
  • Shortcuts and Tricks to attracting readers and customers
  • Excuses
  • Easy answers
  • Social Media secrets to make you rich and popular
  • SEO black magic, voodoo, and occult secrets

I find that I’m wearying of tweets and blog posts from so many I see that promise all these things. I “unfollow” people that have nothing but these things to talk about. It’s boring. And it none of these things have any value. They just don’t work.

If you find yourself searching for these things, wanting quick, free, or cheap answers, then good luck to you. You won’t find them here.

What I do hope you find is clear ideas, solid writing, and things you can use.

A word or two on my product review policy.

I review products here I like and dislike. I am open to reviewing your product. If you send me your product, I make no promise on using it or reviewing it - that remains completely at my discretion. Anything you might send me becomes my property and I will keep it or dispose of it at will.

If you wish to pay me to review your product, I will; however, this does not guarantee you a positive review and the review will state that I was paid.

You want positive? I am always happy, under contract, to write your marketing materials, white papers, sales sheets, etc., or to consult with you on the marketing and sales of your product and service.

Please do not send me unpublished manuscripts or materials to review unless you have previously contracted me to do so.

If you hire me to write for you, specifically ghost writing or blogging, I will not be able to promote that work here on this site unless you specifically and in writing permit me to disclose the paid relationship.

A word about comments on this site.

The comments on this site are moderated. I will not edit or change your comments, only approve or remove. I welcome comments, as long as they are brief, on point, and use common courtesy.  I will not permit abusive or derogatory comments - directed at me or others. I invite you to comment and join in on the discussion, even disagree with me (God knows my family and friends do).

And about your privacy.

I won’t give you up to anyone. Period. If you sign up to receive updates or other information, that’s just between you and me.

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