Writing Assignment: Write About Your Current Emotions

10.17.2014 writing

Emotions are messy things. We often do not feel just one thing at a time. We can be angry and sad simultaneously. We can be happy and wistful or pleased and worried. And rarely do we stop and say, “what am I feeling right this moment?” This is your big chance. Stop. Ask yourself the question […]

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Write Hungry

10.14.2014 writing

Write hungry. Use the urgency, that primal drive, to hurry you forward. There are things to say, so you must not yet satisfy the ravening beast within. Write famished. Not peckish, not dimly aware that it is time for lunch, but because your body cries out for sustenance. Write with an empty stomach. Put off […]

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Emotionally Contagious

01.10.2012 Family

Humans often claim the realm of emotions as strictly and uniquely ours, but it just isn’t true. Anyone who has ever had a dog knows that they have emotions and can tell when we’re upset. Recent research is demonstrating that mammals of virtually all kinds have emotional lives. A rat will try and help free […]

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