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500 Books

09.16.2014 Books and Literature

The number of books on the shelves of my office, by a quick estimate, is around 500. I consider that a good start. There are another 1,000 or so on the shelves in the family room. And many, many more stacked on practically every available surface throughout the house (and an unknown number packed away in […]

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This Summer’s Beach Reading List

08.18.2014 Books and Literature

One of the great joys that my wife and daughters share with me is taking a big stack of books to read while lying on the beach or about the beach house. Here’s my list for this year: Wayfaring Stranger by James Lee Burke. I buy each of Burke’s books in hardback, which he conveniently releases each […]

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Reading History: Dark Invasion & The Zimmermann Telegram

06.11.2014 Books and Literature

I often lament the truly poor writing education that most American’s receive, but that is nothing compared to the complete lack of exposure to history (and don’t get me started on science). I find history to be absolutely fascinating, but you would’t know that by looking at history books used in K-12 education. It’s a […]

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Movies, Books, The Imagination, And Enjoying Them All

03.26.2014 Books and Literature

It’s getting so that I can’t go on the Internet anymore. I am a movie lover. One of the great joys of my youth was to go to a movie theater and see a movie, any movie, typically something I had not even heard of. I’d go in, sit down, and when the lights dimmed […]

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Speed Reading Redux

03.19.2014 Books and Literature

I see there’s a new spate of speed reading advocates, accompanied by software and apps. Spritz is one I’ve seen on the news. Can you read faster? Yes. Probably. Should you? No, probably not. Reading fast gives one the impression of progress, success, accomplishment. But does speed reading deliver the same results as reading at […]

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