Deconstructing The Watch: Why We Wear Them

10.09.2014 Future

Here’s a simple question: why do you wear or not wear watches? Habit? Style? Or is there something more? For me it’s all three. I’ve always worn watches, pretty much as far back as I can remember. My Grandpa Murray carried a stainless steel pocket watch on a leather strap. And I remember when the […]

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Shopping For the Zombie Apocalypse: Long Term Survival Gear From The Antique Store

08.21.2014 Future

In a true apocalypse, zombie or otherwise, one of the main difficulties you’ll face is the lack of power. What good are high tech tools when the lights go out? Yes, you might be able to generate a little power with portable solar panels. You might be able to lug a generator around, but you’ve […]

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Shopping For The Zombie Apocalypse: Don’t Forget The Music Store

07.23.2014 Future

What’s the most unlikely place to shop when fleeing an apocalyptic event? Your local music store. For example, you’ll eventually want to wash your clothes, but without power and water that’s difficult. You can beat your clothing on a rock in a stream, but why not use the traditional wash board? Because they’re almost impossible to […]

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Shopping For The Zombie Apocalypse: Arm Yourself At The Hardware Store

07.22.2014 Future

When the apocalypse happens, zombie or other variety, one of the first places you should stop as you flee for your life is your local hardware store. Don’t think of a hardware store as just someplace you can get a replacement part for your plumbing project. Think of it as an armory. What can you […]

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Stream It Now: Loving The Little Bits Of The Future

07.21.2014 Future

Last night (as of this writing) we watched a highly reviewed movie that’s still in the theaters, but we watched it at home, in our own theater. Legally. And it cost us less than what we would have paid for one movie ticket. The movie was Snowpiercer and it was terrific. The cost of the rental […]

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