Writing Assignment: If I Had A Million Dollars.

by Randy Murray on September 28, 2012

A million dollars isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still a substantial amount of money. When I look at my own accounts I note, with no little amount of irony, that in another age I would be considered vastly rich (if the totals were unadjusted for inflation). But today I’m far from rich and continue to sing for my supper.

I don’t buy lottery tickets, but it’s fun to dream about what I would do with a true windfall, an amount of money far beyond what I’d need to survive and thrive through retirement.

And that dream makes a fun writing assignment.

For today’s assignment, you’ve been given a million dollars. You can’t keep it or save it. You have to spend it. You can’t give it away, you must spend it. No donating or bequeathing. You can’t prepay or arrange for future services. You have to take possession of what you buy NOW. You have one month to spend the money or I’m taking it back and giving it to the next writer up to the task.

You can, however, keep what you spend it on. Be careful. Buy a house, something big and expensive, and you’ll have to maintain it and pay taxes on it over the years. A fast car might be fun, but can you afford to keep it running?

Dream, then write up your dream. Deal with the pile of cash, but also think about the consequences.

Me? I’d stock the pantries and freezers and bars in my home with amazing delicacies. I’d donate all of my clothes to charity and have a custom wardrobe made by hand. I’d remodel our bathrooms to an amazing degree of luxury. I’d have all of our printed photos and albums professionally scanned and create a digital family archive. And then I’d add on another room to expand the library and fill it with books until the funds ran out.

From you I expect more details. Here’s your check. You’d better get started.


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