The Spend Nothing Game Expert Level: Friends Who Own Stuff

09.09.2014 The Spend Nothing Game

I have always said that it is better to have a friend who owns a boat than to own one yourself. The same thing applies to swimming pools, vacation homes, wine cellars, and other cool things. I’m not suggesting that you “mooch” from these friends. Be generous. Bring gifts. Pay for gas. Don’t overstay your […]

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Vastly Rich

06.09.2014 The life of the mind

Many of us play that little game: what would I do if I suddenly found myself vastly rich? What if I won the lottery (note to self, have to buy lottery tickets before I can win*). What if an unknown rich relatively made me their heir? What if I the world suddenly realizes me for the […]

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Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

05.14.2014 GTD

Do you moderate your plans, keep your wishes simple, and your goals modest? Do you take little steps and keep your hopes in check? Maybe it’s time to get bigger dreams. I often hear, “more [blank] that you could ever dream of.” If that applies to you, then you have little dreams. Let’s fill in that […]

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The Nobility Of Earning A Living

10.10.2013 Art

Wealth is largely an accident. There is nothing to celebrate or congratulate about someone becoming wealthy. But there is honor in work. There is something to be admired in expertise and competence. I am impressed and often amazed when I see someone do a job, virtually any job, really, really well. Inherited wealth is very […]

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Work’n For A Living

10.09.2013 Art

Being an artist is not a life of leisure. Artists do not spend their lives at play. Making art is work. I find that it takes great effort, both mental and physical effort, to be a successful artist. It’s not a profession for wimps. The arts are not a profession for those who require a […]

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