The life of the mind

Shopping For The Zombie Apocalypse: Water, Water Everywhere

07.17.2014 The life of the mind

Forget about eating for a while. Flee! But you will need some water. And if everything breaks down, finding clean water to drink may be more difficult than you might think. If you can stay in place for a few days, you can build a solar still. But you’ll need water if you’re on the […]

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New Tires

06.10.2014 The life of the mind

Last week I put new tires on my car. As I sat in the waiting room, dutifully waiting, I thought about the next 65,000 miles that the tire salesman promised me. When I was young people traded their cars frequently. Usually every two years or so. And certainly before the vehicle got over 80,000 miles […]

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Vastly Rich

06.09.2014 The life of the mind

Many of us play that little game: what would I do if I suddenly found myself vastly rich? What if I won the lottery (note to self, have to buy lottery tickets before I can win*). What if an unknown rich relatively made me their heir? What if I the world suddenly realizes me for the […]

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Three Little Pigs

05.21.2014 The life of the mind

On the top of a filing cabinet, set into a closet in my office, are three little golden pigs, balanced above three wooden bases. Trophies. Recognition. Rather confusing objects. But there they are. One faces to the right. The other two oppose it, facing left. My obsessiveness doesn’t run to pig trophies, so they remain […]

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Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

05.14.2014 GTD

Do you moderate your plans, keep your wishes simple, and your goals modest? Do you take little steps and keep your hopes in check? Maybe it’s time to get bigger dreams. I often hear, “more [blank] that you could ever dream of.” If that applies to you, then you have little dreams. Let’s fill in that […]

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