Vastly Rich

by Randy Murray on June 9, 2014

Many of us play that little game: what would I do if I suddenly found myself vastly rich? What if I won the lottery (note to self, have to buy lottery tickets before I can win*). What if an unknown rich relatively made me their heir? What if I the world suddenly realizes me for the genius that I am and rewards me with untold wealth?

What if?

I find that there a lot of people in the world who don’t know how to be rich. They use their wealth to buy things. They use their wealth to compete in status with other rich people. And there is always, always, someone richer than you. For some very weathly people seeing that there is someone richer than them makes them feel downright poor.

Being vastly rich isn’t about the money. It’s what you can do with money. And very few people know how to do that well.

The question should not be “what could I do with vast wealth?” The better question is, “What do I want to do?”

Let’s face it. You and I are highly unlikely to become vastly wealthy. It might be fun to think about what one could do with vast wealth, but it’s simply a fantasy. But we can decide what we want to do. And with that in mind, we can make plans and do those things. Even things that might take vast wealth to accomplish.

There are a lot of unhappy people with vast wealth. Why aspire to be one of them?

Why not dream of doing great things? Big things. Amazing things. Let someone else dream about money.



*Don’t buy lottery tickets. It’s a tax on the stupid.

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