New Tires

by Randy Murray on June 10, 2014

Last week I put new tires on my car. As I sat in the waiting room, dutifully waiting, I thought about the next 65,000 miles that the tire salesman promised me.

When I was young people traded their cars frequently. Usually every two years or so. And certainly before the vehicle got over 80,000 miles on it. Why? Because those cars began falling apart around that time. You bought a new car and started a race towards looming breakdown.

They don’t make things like they used to. Nope. They make them much, much better.

My vehicle has over 130,000 miles on it. I’ve had it for 11 years. And I don’t see why I won’t have it another few years. Maybe a good chunk of those promised 65,000 miles. Perhaps more.

Those miles will take me places near and far. In a typical week it’ll be just around town. But then we pack up the vehicle and hit the road. Thousands of miles. New places. Returning to familiar places. Adventures, obligations, and explorations of what’s possible.

When I was young, a new pair of tennis shoes bought at the opening of the school year could fill me with anticipation. How fast can I run? How high can I jump? Where will they take me? My new tires are whispering that familiar refrain to me.

Let’s hit the road and see what’s up around the bend.

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