Thankful For Simple Things: High Beams & Country Roads

11.25.2013 The life of the mind

In this Thanksgiving week (for us in the United States) I have many, many significant things to be thankful for. But today I am turning my mind to some of the simple things that delight and please me. Recently my wife and I visited friends. Their farm is an hour’s drive north and west. When […]

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The Waiting Game Trap

09.10.2012 Business

“Let’s wait and see what happens.” “Something better might come along.” “The new model will be out soon.” “I’m sure it will clear up on it’s own.” “See how you feel in the morning.” Screw all of that. Do your research, make a clean, well informed decision based upon as much evidence and as little […]

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Perfect Or Fail: Why Customer Service Surveys Are Useless

02.07.2012 Business

I took my wife’s car, her beloved MINI Cooper, in for the yearly service the other day. I waded throughout the surprising amount of paper work to drop it off for an oil change, getting the tires rotated, and the wipers changed. I did the same thing again when picking it up. Then, before the […]

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