Writing Assignment: Write A List of Simple Pleasures

by Randy Murray on November 29, 2013

I’ve spent this week listing some of my simple pleasures. This may be a good time for you to list and savor some of yours.

For today’s assignment write a short list of the simple things that bring you pleasure, enjoyment, or satisfaction. Simple things, like turning on your high beams in your car or drinking fizzy water. Make your own short list.

When you have your list, perhaps three or four items, take a few moments and consider each one. What makes these things special to you? What do you think and feel as you enjoy them? And with these thoughts in mind, write a few paragraphs about each of your listed pleasures.

This list is for you, but be as specific as you can. Try and define the qualities of these simple pleasures and describe how you have become mindful of what they do for you. You might consider experiencing the things that bring you these simple pleasures while you write.

Writing does not have to be torture. One of the ways that you can discover that you are becoming more skilled as a writer is to note when  you enjoy yourself as your write. Writing is one of my personal pleasures, although it may not be such a simple one.  But when I write and find myself relaxed, smiling, and the words flow, it is pleasurable indeed.

As you work from your list, try to find what makes each of your items something that you enjoy and see if you can experience that again as you write about the experience.

As a bonus, when you recognize a new simple pleasure, make note of it and set aside time later to write about the experience.


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