Get Action—Apple’s Advertising Emphasizes Doing Things

10.22.2014 Business

The general stereotype of the computer nerd is someone living in a dark, cluttered basement or dimly lit room. It’s someone who lives hunched over in front of a glowing screen. It is a stereotype, but if you, like I, have spent time around hard core developers, gamers, and redditors you probably won’t find this […]

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Sit Down And Give Me Five

09.18.2014 blogging

Yes, it’s hard to keep up with a publishing schedule. Five days a week, week after week. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing on this site for over five years. Five fresh articles every freak’n week. And each one of the a new thought. So hard. So stop whining about it and just do it […]

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Original Content: The Secret To Content Marketing Success

09.17.2014 blogging

Any idiot can link to something somewhere online. There is value in links and in referring people to interesting things, but it’s a limited value, especially when your goal is to sell something to someone. If your goal is sales, then referring your potential customers somewhere else is a losing game. “Hey, that guy over […]

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Amazon Payments—An Exceptionally Bad Idea For Merchants

09.04.2014 Business

Amazon is an amazing company. I buy from them frequently. I am an investor. But I’m also very wary of them. And I think that retail merchants should be as well. Amazon is offering to make things easier and less expensive for merchants by handling payments. What a wonderful idea! Except for the part about […]

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