Thankful For Simple Things: Rotisserie Chicken

by Randy Murray on November 26, 2013

I do enjoy cooking and eating, but sometimes it is not just simpler, but better, to find something that you can pick up and serve that is simple and well prepared by someone else.

The rotisserie chicken is just such a dish. Even this week while most think of turkey, something that I love, I think of this simple, ordinary food.

While I still strive to perfect my roast chicken I often pick up a rotisserie chicken at the supermarket for a quick and easy meal or as the basis of many subsequent meals.

I love it so much that all of next week is Rotisserie Chicken week here on this site. For around five dollars I can create the core of a full week of meals for two people. It is simple, unadorned, and has so much potential.

You may not share taste in chicken, but if you eat meat it’s worth giving deeper consideration. I’m thinking about running out and picking up another one today for lunch and see what else comes from this most basic of meals.

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