Thankful For Simple Things: Fizzy Water

by Randy Murray on November 27, 2013

I work at home and a great deal of my day is spent sitting or standing, staring at a screen, and typing like a madman. Somedays I don’t get farther away from the house than the mailbox.

And I find that when I am deepest in the work that the simplest of things can be a treat, a real pleasure. One of those things for me is to make a container of fizzy water.

This is so easy to do. Water. H2O. Lightly infused with CO2. Joseph Priestly discovered how to carbonate water around the time of the American Revolution. He also discovered oxygen, learned what it was, and how plants exhale it. As an interesting side note, when he shared his discovery with Benjamin Franklin, Franklin immediately postulated the impact of humans on the environment and much of climate science that it took others nearly two hundred years to grasp.

But back to carbonation. I use my Sodastream to carbonate a cold bottle of water and bring it back to my desk to continue writing. For me it’s an excellent substitution for the coffee that I drink in the morning and mostly set aside in the afternoon. The taste of carbonation is reminiscent of lemon. I find it refreshing and a treat over the plain water that I drink most of the day.

For me a simple pleasure is often something relatively rare, but it can also be something that I enjoy every day. Why not? It’s only water and a bit of fizz.

A simple pleasure requires only one thing: for you to recognize that you enjoy it. Please do so. Enjoy something today. Take note of it.

And then, perhaps tomorrow, enjoy it again.


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