Writing Assignment: Write A Letter To An Influential Teacher

by Randy Murray on July 4, 2014

When I think back I see that Ive had a handful of people who have really made a difference in my life. My Scoutmaster. My high school band director. And a short, but important list of teachers.

Teaching professionally is a difficult job, more so today than it has been in the past. But I can clearly point out the teachers and professors who challenged me, who shaped who I am today, and without that person at that moment I might have become a very different person.

They need to know that. They need to hear from us. And one of the best ways to do that is to write a letter. Not an email. An actual printed-on-paper-signed-and-physically-mailed letter.

For many teachers letters like those are worth more than the certificates that hang on their walls.

For today’s assignment write a letter to a teacher who made a difference in your life. Be specific about what they did for you. Let them know that you have thought about their real impact in your life.

Don’t spend much time talking about yourself. Make the point of the letter how their efforts stirred something lasting in you. And be sure to actually say, “thank you.”

For bonus points, sign and mail the letter.

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