The Case For Using The Case

by Randy Murray on September 2, 2014

I love how my iPad mini and my iPhone both feel naked (the device naked, not necessarily me). These wonderful devices are so sleek, elegant, and beautifully built. And oh so thin. And then, with regret and resignation, I put them back into their bulky protective cases.

Mobile devices are meant to be carried. Things that are carried are dropped. I believe that Isaac Newton stated that quite clearly.

Over the years I’ve carried my devices many a mile. And dropped them more than a few times. In my family we have five iPhone users and we’ve had them through three different generations of iPhones. We also have had multiple iPods and iPads. And we’ve never broken a single one. We’ve all dropped them. My youngest daughter, an art student, claims to have dropped hers repeatedly and carries and uses her devices into her messy and potentially device-dangerous art studio. She also tells me about how many of her friends have broken screens on their caseless phones.

I have also, upon purchasing a new version of iPhones and iPads, sold off our older versions. And I have always gotten top dollar for these used devices because they remain in excellent condition (frequently receiving enough to pay for the new one). Never a broken screen.

Yes, they’re beautiful naked, but they remain vulnerable. I wish it weren’t so, but it is.

Get a big, ugly, protective case. Protect your portable electronics.

Perhaps, some day soon, we’ll have indestructible portable electronics. Upon that day I’ll gladly shed the case and glory in the beautiful nakedness of these jewels of technology.

Until then, the jewels stay in the case.

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