500 Books

09.16.2014 Books and Literature

The number of books on the shelves of my office, by a quick estimate, is around 500. I consider that a good start. There are another 1,000 or so on the shelves in the family room. And many, many more stacked on practically every available surface throughout the house (and an unknown number packed away in […]

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The Case For Using The Case

09.02.2014 gadgets

I love how my iPad mini and my iPhone both feel naked (the device naked, not necessarily me). These wonderful devices are so sleek, elegant, and beautifully built. And oh so thin. And then, with regret and resignation, I put them back into their bulky protective cases. Mobile devices are meant to be carried. Things that […]

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Default To The Library

03.25.2014 Libraries

I love books. I love shopping for them. I love buying them. But, on occasion, I need to remind myself that there is an excellent library not far from me and all I have to do is ask and they will produce the book of my choice and lend it to me. My library even has a […]

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Take Two Books And Call Me In The Morning

03.03.2014 Books and Literature

I read and enjoy eBooks. They are inexpensive, convenient, and so easy to purchase. And yet I remain a dinosaur. There is something about having a physical book close by that calms me. When the pain in my back creeps up, when I’m overwhelmed by life and work, there is nothing that calms me more […]

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RoboMe And Me

02.10.2014 Future

I love toys. I restrain myself from buying them as much as possible, but I do love them. And my family knows this. Christmases and birthdays cannot pass without someone giving me a toy of some sort (I count gadgets, things for the home theater, and tools of all sorts as toys). This year it […]

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