Go When Others Must Stay

by Randy Murray on September 11, 2014

My wife and I have arrived at that time of life when we have gained back a bit of personal freedom. Our children have grown and left the house. The things that kept us bound close to home, the school and the myriad activities of children, no longer require our presence.

It’s pretty sweet. And we’ve found that we no longer have to visit interesting places when the rest of the world does, either.

Last year we visited Gettysburg in late summer, when schools were back in session, but the weather was still wonderful (almost the exact conditions of the battle 150 years before). There were no crowds, no waiting in line. The hotel was amazingly cheap.

I have a friend who takes his young children out of school in September so that they can have a family beach vacation. The rates are lower “off season” and the crowd is much diminished. “How dare they take their children out of school!” Yes, they do dare, and it’s fine. Their children benefit from a wonderful, more affordable vacation and parents who actually want to spend time with them. They’ll catch up.

Go off season. Miss a few “required” events and obligations. My bet is that you won’t be missed and you can make up, catch up later. You and your family will benefit from the more relaxed experience.

Most vacation spots have well-delineated seasons. The secret to great, money saving travel, is to go just before or just after a season. Avoid the crowds, save some money, and see special places more the way people who live there do.

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