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Modern Marketing 101: Spend 30 Minutes Reviewing Your Own Web Site Every Week

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You need to spend lots of time on your organization’s web site. Lots of time.

Every freak’n week.

Look at your site. Keep looking. Bored yet? If you’re bored, how do you think that prospects feel, especially the ones who are in great need of what you can provide? They’re coming back again and again, trying to make their buying decision. Hungry for more information.

And when they return I bet that not one thing has changed. There is no more information. Before long, that prospect will get bored, too.

And they probably won’t come back any more.

If you’re serious about using your web site to drive sales it needs to change, to be updated, as frequently as possible. I strongly suggest daily, but no less frequently than weekly. Make visitors a promise: we’ll give you something new every day. That’s where content marketing comes in.

I challenge you to do this simple test: spend 30 minutes in one sitting, once a week, on your own web site and see how long before you give up and stop looking at your own site. Can you hold out longer than someone who actually wants to give you money?


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Written by Randy Murray

July 8th, 2014 at 8:00 am

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