Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

by Randy Murray on May 14, 2014

Do you moderate your plans, keep your wishes simple, and your goals modest? Do you take little steps and keep your hopes in check?

Maybe it’s time to get bigger dreams.

I often hear, “more [blank] that you could ever dream of.” If that applies to you, then you have little dreams. Let’s fill in that blank with words like “money,” “success,” “love,” or “chocolates.” I don’t know about you, but I can dream about big, big quantities of all of those things and more.

That doesn’t mean I plan on cornering the world market for cacao. It just means that I can dream of big things. I can be happy and content with little things and small quantities, but I can imagine more. And it’s the imagination that leads us down the path of the possible.

If you’re going to dream, dream of wild things. Stretch your imagination. A million dollars isn’t what it used to be. What could you do with ten million, a billion, more? What would success look like in your wildest dreams?

Make small plans, but dream big. Then, when you succeed beyond those wildest dreams you’ll really have something BIG.

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