Stop Lying To Your Customers

by Randy Murray on July 24, 2014

I recently ordered a gift for someone from a national retailer. Before I made my selection I confirmed on their web site that the item was in stock.

With that in mind I made my purchase. And the retailer sent me an email saying the item had been shipped and would arrive in 5-7 days.

It didn’t.

OK, no problem. I called their customer service line and waited ten minutes or so, only to find that the item was never in stock, that the emails were “incorrect,” and that the item wouldn’t ship for weeks. It was also clear to me that the agent on the other end of the line was trying to help and frustrated by having to deal with a lot of calls just like mine.

I remained calm and simply stated my case for the agent to record and pass on to her management.

Here’s what bothered me: the company lied to me at least twice, failed to correct their lies, and then offered no solution.

Then today over 2 weeks late, I received an email telling me “Your order has shipped!” That might have been good news if they hadn’t tacked on a hefty shipping charge that had previously been free in the original order. So now I get to go another round with customer service. And I still do not have the item at the time of this writing.

Here’s a little message direct to the retailer:

Thanks, Plow and Hearth.

Stop lying to your customers.


A former customer.

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