Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

05.14.2014 GTD

Do you moderate your plans, keep your wishes simple, and your goals modest? Do you take little steps and keep your hopes in check? Maybe it’s time to get bigger dreams. I often hear, “more [blank] that you could ever dream of.” If that applies to you, then you have little dreams. Let’s fill in that […]

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Measuring Success

01.16.2013 Business

It may be an odd bit of creeping maturity, but I’ve increasingly found that I take greater pride in the success of others, people I’ve had a hand in helping, more than any direct recognition and praise I receive myself. It’s not that I’m not successful. I’m extremely pleased with my business, financial, and artistic […]

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Start Planning For 2012: Your Obstacles

10.26.2011 Business

What’s keeping you from achieving your goals? Do you know? You need to figure them out. The obstacles that stand in your way should be the things you know best. Your plans will be a study of them. You’ll learn increasing detail about the things that are preventing you from achieving what you want most. And you’ll […]

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