Shopping For The Zombie Apocalypse

by Randy Murray on July 14, 2014

Almost anyone can tell you what you need to buy today to prepare yourself for a civilization-ending disaster, like, of course, the zombie apocalypse. That’s easy.

Survival gear. Lots of it. Maybe an underground bunker, too.

Except that you need to be near your gear and get to your bunker when the dead rise up. All of that stuff is less useful if you’re somewhere other than your bunker when things fall apart.

What’s more useful is knowing how to shop AFTER the the zombie hordes start rampaging.

Personally, I do not expect the dead to rise, but as a fan of science fiction I’m well versed in apocalyptic visions of the future. There are numerous ways civilization could crash and burn. Asteroids. Runaway robots (think Terminator). Disease (The Stand), and the most likely apocalypse while I was a child, but hopefully not now, nuclear war.

As a Boy Scout I learned that being prepared wasn’t carrying everything you need with you at all times (although I still carry a pocket knife wherever I am permitted). Being prepared is being INFORMED. It’s knowing how to do things, not so much having the tools to do ANYTHING ever present.

That’s how you’ll survive the end of the world. At least for a little while.

This series will provide you with a few tidbits of information to help make you better prepared to face the end of the world.

What you need to know today: embrace the analog world. Ditch your phone, computer, or anything else that requires electricity. Pick up a notebook and pen and pick up any stray pencil you find.

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