Writing Assignment: Write A Complaint Letter To Yourself

by Randy Murray on September 19, 2014

It’s relatively easy to express our grievances to others. But can you point this same displeasure about service or quality of work back at yourself without letting your emotions run away into an angry screed?

When writing a letter of complaint it is best to compose one’s message politely, clearly, and with a suggestion on how the issue might be remedied. That’s an excellent suggestion when turning one’s objective eye back on one’s self.

For today’s assignment write a letter to yourself with an honest complaint about your job performance, the quality of your work, or your personal behavior. And here’s the hard part: do not make this letter a personal attack.

Be polite, clear, and detail exactly what the problem was. And then suggest a clear solution. Your letter should be no more than one page, and ideally, no more than 200 words. Do not attack. Do not be unrealistic in your expectations. Simply pick a recent example when you recognized that you’ve fallen short of your own expectations and use that as an opportunity to improve.

The ideal letter will be polite, clear, and ultimately, an experience that should be uplifting for both the writer and the reader (in this example both are you).

For bonus points write back in response to this letter, thanking the writer (again, you), and detailing how you will improve and further respond.

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