Two Weeks Of Writing Prompts: #1-Take A Deep Breath

by Randy Murray on September 22, 2014

What is a writing prompt? I use the term to talk about simple ideas, objects, and situations that stimulate writers into doing the work of writing. Writing prompts are quicker and shorter than a full Writing Assignment. Writing prompts are intended to be open ended. If you want to practice writing skills or get past your inability to write, then try a simple strategy of using a writing prompt to get you started.

Over the next two weeks I’ll offer up eight new writing prompts and two linked Writing Assignments. Out with your notebooks and get ready to write!

Here’s the first prompt: take a deep breath.

I suggest that you find somewhere quiet, prepare your writing tools, and then take in a deep breath through your nose and release it slowly thorough your mouth. Think about each step of this breath and how you feel taking in the air and slowly releasing it.

Now write about that direct experience.


Remember, this is a writing exercise. Don’t try to be clever. Don’t worry about being good. Just write.

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