Start Planning For 2012: Your Obstacles

by Randy Murray on October 26, 2011

What’s keeping you from achieving your goals? Do you know?

You need to figure them out. The obstacles that stand in your way should be the things you know best. Your plans will be a study of them. You’ll learn increasing detail about the things that are preventing you from achieving what you want most. And you’ll create new plans that are based on eliminating or circumventing these obstacles. It’s OK that things may stand in your way. It’s not OK to ignore reality and blunder around when you should have known better.

How will you know what the obstacles are?

Your first obstacle will be to recognize that you don’t know what all the obstacles are. Admit it. Now build a plan to find them. How do you do that? For most things you want to achieve, things that you want to do, someone, somewhere has already done them. Ask these trail blazers. Read their books. Follow their blogs. For the things that no one has ever done, there are probably similar things that have been done. Study those.

The other way you discover the obstacles is to begin – to try it. You’ll find out pretty quickly what you don’t know, what stands in your way, and what you’ll need to do to move closer to your goal.

Each time you discover a new obstacle, build a new plan, adjust your budget, and keep moving.


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