Be Careful What You Publish

11.29.2011 blogging

Thank god the internet didn’t go public until I was an adult. There’s no online record of all of the stupid or dangerous or immature things I did in high school or college. Yes, some people may remember these things, but they’re damn liars. As they say, “Pictures or it didn’t happen.” It’s a different [...]

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A New Requirement For Politicians

08.18.2011 Future

I mostly avoid religion, sex, and politics in this space, but recently I’ve been pondering something explicitly political. Frankly, the recent political rhetoric in the U.S. has made me depressed, and at times physically ill. Here’s my proposal, one that we as citizens can demand from any and all politicians, especially those who hold or [...]

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Net Neutrality: An Expanded Definition And What I Want

01.19.2011 Business

Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing about Net Neutrality. I think that it’s not only an important topic; I think it may be THE key to the future of the internet. From my perspective net neutrality can be boiled down to this: will we allow telecommunication carriers to restrict what we can access [...]

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Your Perspective Can Kill (Or Make You Appear A Pigheaded Fool)

01.13.2011 The life of the mind

One of the things that can drive me to distraction, even real anger, is to encounter someone who has a narrow, fixed, and unvarying perspective on the world. Understanding your perspectives is not only critical to reasoned thought, but the thinker who does not understand that personal perspective is precisely that: personal and only a [...]

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Net Neutrality: A Turning Point For Freedom And The Future

01.05.2011 Business

Net Neutrality isn’t just another big issue among those currently in front of us — it could be the fundamental issue that defines what type of future we are going to have.  Will it be a future of accelerating innovation and freedom, or will it be dominated by a handful of rich corporations that control [...]

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