Amazon Payments—An Exceptionally Bad Idea For Merchants

09.04.2014 Business

Amazon is an amazing company. I buy from them frequently. I am an investor. But I’m also very wary of them. And I think that retail merchants should be as well. Amazon is offering to make things easier and less expensive for merchants by handling payments. What a wonderful idea! Except for the part about […]

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What Businesses Value Versus What They Really Need

06.25.2014 Business

I’m done with my time working full-time inside businesses. I much prefer working as a freelance writer. But I was struck by something that I overheard the other day. Two business people were talking about how they had no interest in interviewing or hiring fresh new college graduates with liberal arts degrees, especially those with […]

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Content Marketing: Running Out Of Things To Talk About

02.12.2014 blogging

A lot of businesses are given bad advice about Content Marketing. “Stay laser-focused.” “Keep on topic.” And then, very quickly, these businesses run out of things to write about. It gets boring fast. And readers stay away in droves. Running out of things to say is a very real danger for single-topic marketing efforts of […]

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You’re Doing It Wrong: Kickstarter

01.30.2014 Business

For some reason, no matter how many times the company itself says it, far too many people appear to be confused about Kickstarter. Kickstarter is not a shopping site. It is not about buying products. Kickstarter’s mission is to let the general public back companies, ideas, products, and people. It’s about supporting them with money and awareness. It’s […]

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Content Marketing: Consult With Your Writer Before Planning Your Campaign

01.22.2014 blogging

Are you struggling with ideas about what to publish next in your content marketing campaign? Here’s a simple suggestion: ask your writers. If you depend on subject matter experts to suggest topics you’ll probably run out of ideas quickly. It’s not that these people have nothing to say. They’re just not focused on providing you with material […]

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