Content Marketing: Consult With Your Writer Before Planning Your Campaign

by Randy Murray on January 22, 2014

Are you struggling with ideas about what to publish next in your content marketing campaign? Here’s a simple suggestion: ask your writers.

If you depend on subject matter experts to suggest topics you’ll probably run out of ideas quickly. It’s not that these people have nothing to say. They’re just not focused on providing you with material to publish.

But if you use writers to interview these experts the writers themselves will come up with additional topics. How? Because they’re curious and the narrow topic of today’s article may create a dozen other questions and potential articles. I know this because my primary occupation is writing for big businesses. Every time I’m hired to write a white paper, a web site, or an email campaign I end up with lots of interesting things that I’d love to explore, to write about. I often share these things with my clients and some follow up and have me write these articles, too.

Content marketing, writing and publishing great content daily, is next to impossible if you attempt to do it with your existing staff. They just don’t have the time or the interest. But they do have the knowledge. If you take a talented writer and let them spend an hour with these experts from time to time you’ll end up with lots and lots of great topics to expand into powerful articles for you to publish. And your experts will begin noting when they come across something interesting and funnel it directly to your writers. You’ll end up with an endless list of things to write and publish.

What’s next on your editorial calendar? Ask your writers to help fill it up. They know more about this than you might think.

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