Sit There And Watch The Credits

06.24.2014 Movies

I’ve recently heard a lot of complaining (bitching, more accurately), about having to sit through all of the credits to see the little bits of teasers at the end of Marvel superhero movies. How dare they make us sit there! Get over yourself. The credits are part of the movie experience. Don’t be in such […]

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Like Me, As I Do

03.31.2014 writing

Penny, my editor and friend, recently sent me a helpful note on the correct and clear usage of “like me,” rather than “like I.” I found it interesting and useful and think that you might, too. In the course of your writing, you often want to draw attention to the common experiences that you and […]

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Movies, Books, The Imagination, And Enjoying Them All

03.26.2014 Books and Literature

It’s getting so that I can’t go on the Internet anymore. I am a movie lover. One of the great joys of my youth was to go to a movie theater and see a movie, any movie, typically something I had not even heard of. I’d go in, sit down, and when the lights dimmed […]

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When Minimal Isn’t Enough

12.16.2013 Minimal

Minimalism isn’t about having or doing the very least. It’s about having or doing things simply, when simple is best. I enjoy simplicity, but I also dearly enjoy extravagance and blowing the top off when it’s called for. You can watch a movie on your phone, but in my opinion you are not practicing minimalism […]

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The Impossible Dream

10.03.2013 The life of the mind

Do you have any dreams that exceed your current ability to make real? If not, why not? Dreaming is that thing that helps us make what seems impossible real. An impossible dream is something that can drive you. Without one it’s far too easy to accept one’s circumstances, to become comfortable and complacent, and to […]

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