The Impossible Dream

by Randy Murray on October 3, 2013

Do you have any dreams that exceed your current ability to make real? If not, why not? Dreaming is that thing that helps us make what seems impossible real.

An impossible dream is something that can drive you. Without one it’s far too easy to accept one’s circumstances, to become comfortable and complacent, and to even just give up. Start with the impossible. Anything less is easily within your reach.

And that raises the first question: what really is possible? Impossible may just be something that we haven’t properly worked out yet.

I separate my fantasies from my dreams. I go to the movies and fantasize that I have  the powers of the Man of Steel. I swoop down delivering the justice of the Dark Knight. I fantasize that some Broadway producer will call me out of the blue, excited to produce one of my plays, make it a blockbuster movie, and shower me with riches and fame. All of those fantasies would be wholly acceptable, but they have nothing to do with actions I myself can take.

But my dreams. I dream of building a local theater and endowing it to live and thrive. I dream of reshaping how theater is integrated into daily life for the entire community and helping this concept spread across the country. Those things may sound impossible, but they’re not. They’re only improbable. And that makes it them worth dreaming about.

My dreams are explorations of the possible. I actively think about them, work on them. My fantasies are things that are outside of my control. They have no boundaries. They require nothing of me.

But my dreams do. They ask, “why not?” They say, “what if?” And they insist, “try this.” Impossible dreams may not, after all, be impossible when they are examined. They may just be difficult. Difficult is OK.

If you’re short on dreams for the moment, check in with me. I need help making mine real.

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