When Minimal Isn’t Enough

12.16.2013 Minimal

Minimalism isn’t about having or doing the very least. It’s about having or doing things simply, when simple is best. I enjoy simplicity, but I also dearly enjoy extravagance and blowing the top off when it’s called for. You can watch a movie on your phone, but in my opinion you are not practicing minimalism […]

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What Is A Home Theater (And What Is Not)

09.10.2013 Movies

One of the first things to get clear is this: what exactly is a home theater? Here’s my simple rule: if you take a stranger to your room and they say, “Wow, this is exactly like a movie theater!,” then you have a home theater. Everything else is not. Yes, you can have an excellent TV, […]

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You Can Have A Movie Theater In Your Home

09.09.2013 Movies

I love movies. I mean I really love movies and going out “to the movies.” Some of my favorite times have been in great movie theaters. Unfortunately, there are very few great theaters around today. If you’re not careful the typical cinema-plex experience is like being herded into a boxy, sticky room with the sound […]

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Useless Knowledge

05.13.2013 The life of the mind

There’s no such thing as useless knowledge. There are depths of trivia that can startle and worry those who haven’t thought about a subject. “That’s not important,” they say. “How could you possibly use that?” And yet, knowledge, any knowledge, understanding how things work, why they work, and what may be possible, is incredibly, amazingly […]

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Pick One

03.18.2013 Good Ideas

Abundance is a curse. You can have anything that you want for lunch. So why eat another bland fast food hamburger and fries? There are literally hundreds of shows on the television. So why stare at another hour of screaming reality TV stars? You don’t eat, drink, or watch bad things because they are cheap. […]

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