Snugg iPad Mini Case Review

by Randy Murray on December 10, 2013

When the people at The Snugg offered to send me a case for my iPad mini I was doubtful that I would like it. But I do. Very much.

For a full year I used my iPad mini naked. No case at all. Just a Smart Cover. I thought it was perfect that way. Very light and extremely easy to hold. Those virtues got me through two significant post surgery recovery periods. When something is so thin and light why would you want to make it thicker and heaver?

Then the Snugg iPad mini Leather case arrived. For the list price of $40 I wasn’t expecting much. But the case is very well made. Sturdy. And the leather feels great. I detached the smart cover and slipped my mini into the case. I really like the Velcro tab that holds it securely in place. The cover has magnetic closures that hold down the cover and turn on and off the device, just like the Smart Cover. They’ve also included a pen/stylus loop at the top, but I tucked that under the iPad and quickly forgot about it. The case has held up well during a month of heavy use.

The back cover has an elastic band you can slip your hand through for reading, but I found that I didn’t use it. The back cover is creased in three places so that you can stand the iPad in different positions. I like setting it in a reclined horizontal position to read while I eat breakfast and lunch at the table.

This is a good looking case. And it feels like holding a Moleskine journal rather than a cool piece of aluminum and glass. I enjoyed using it this last month while at home and on the road. The iPad feels more secure, safer, and perhaps a bit richer in the case.

I’m not sure that I’ll continue using the case. The allure of thin, light, and naked are very compelling. But when I drop my iPad into my bag and leave the house it feels much more secure in the Snugg case.

Note: it looks like they’re running a sale right now. You can get the Snugg iPad mini case (also good for the Retina version) for only $25.

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