Content Marketing: Write For The Resource, Not For Today Only

by Randy Murray on December 11, 2013

What I’m going to tell you now should make your Content Marketing efforts significantly easier. This is a ten thousand dollar consulting report boiled down to one simple sentence:

Stop trying to figure out what people want to read TODAY.

Frankly, today doesn’t matter so much. When I look at the logs from this site I am reminded that while some people are interested in what was published today it’s everything else that brings the bulk of readers here. Those people need to know something. They search for it. They found an article I’ve published sometime in the past. If that interests them, they stay and read more. And more. They typically read three different articles.

And then they come back.

That’s how I get new clients. People inside businesses and marketing agencies read articles like this, then look for more because these things are interesting and useful to them. They come back. When the time comes that they need a writer for a big and important project the first person that they think of is me. Why? Because they already have a positive experience with me. They know that I can deliver the goods. And they like how I write.

The same process can work for your business. Just remember this: it’s not about today’s post—it’s about building a resource.

Build that resource. Publish good stuff every day. Keep it up. And over time you’ll develop an extremely valuable treasure trove of material that will bring an audience to you. A resource that will continue to bring you new prospects, new sales, and new business.

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