Content Marketing: Running Out Of Things To Talk About

02.12.2014 blogging

A lot of businesses are given bad advice about Content Marketing. “Stay laser-focused.” “Keep on topic.” And then, very quickly, these businesses run out of things to write about. It gets boring fast. And readers stay away in droves. Running out of things to say is a very real danger for single-topic marketing efforts of […]

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Content Marketing: Review & Analyze Your Mission Quarterly

01.21.2014 blogging

When was the last time you looked at your content marketing plan? I could not tell you the number of strategic plans that I’ve helped write for businesses. Many. Many. And yet I’d be hard pressed to come up with examples of the times when we actually followed these plans for more than a few […]

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Content Marketing: Keep Your Popular Content Front And Center

01.20.2014 blogging

The most popular articles on this site in terms of frequency of visits is a piece on writing that I published in 2011 titled Perspective, Opinion, and Point Of View — Distinctions That Matter To Writers And Readers. I’m not 100% sure why it’s read so frequently. From what I can tell schools refer students to […]

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Content Marketing: Write For The Resource, Not For Today Only

12.11.2013 blogging

What I’m going to tell you now should make your Content Marketing efforts significantly easier. This is a ten thousand dollar consulting report boiled down to one simple sentence: Stop trying to figure out what people want to read TODAY. Frankly, today doesn’t matter so much. When I look at the logs from this site I […]

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Successful Content Marketing: Keep Your Promises

11.21.2013 blogging

There are many who claim to know the secrets of content marketing. I’ll tell you one thing that is not a secret, but very few people understand how important it is: keep your promises. When a business begins the process of launching a content marketing plan one of the key things they need to do […]

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