Writing Assignment: Write About A Spring Day

by Randy Murray on May 2, 2014

Here we are again. May. In most of the Northern Hemisphere of this planet that means Spring.

And Spring seems custom designed for writers. New life, new growth, emergence, and for many writers like me, time to leave the comfy desk and cozy office and spend a bit of time outside enjoying writing in the open air.

I don’t cut writers any slack about what time of year, season, or day in which to write. Writers write. Period. But Spring seems special. Go and walk unburdened by layers of clothing. See the world come back to life. Don’t just think about the Spring—experience it.

Change, especially seasonal change, is something that stimulates me. I suspect that it might do the same for you. And that makes it worth considering for the writer.

For today’s assignment spend some time outside. Sunny, rainy, cold, or hot, it doesn’t matter. Get out and see and smell and experience the changing season. And then write about this specific day.

Don’t make it an idealized Spring day. Write about this day, today’s Spring day. Be very specify about your experience of this day. You can note the temperature, the smells, the comforts, and discomforts of this very day.

I recommend taking a physical notebook and finding somewhere outside to make a few notes. Perhaps even write your entire assignment out in the Spring weather.

For bonus points, start a Spring journal and write about each day as you experience it.

For those writers who reside the Southern Hemisphere or around the planet’s bulging mid-section, write about your current season and perhaps the more subtile changes you see.

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