Google Without Advertising

by Randy Murray on May 6, 2014

Google is a gigantic advertising sales company.

That’s pretty much where all of their revenue comes from. They make cool stuff that you and I think is free, collect up all of the personal data about us, and then sell that information to others along with advertisements that they’ll bombard us with.

They make lots and lots of money this way.

But look at other companies. Apple makes money, a LOT more money than Google, by selling us things. Google makes money by selling us out to advertisers. Could Google do it otherwise?

Yes, they could. But then they’d be Microsoft. It’s easy to compete with Microsoft when you claim to give people free things, but it is very, very hard to compete with Microsoft when you have to sell software, not give it away.

I don’t dislike Google, but I think that they’ve placed their bet on advertising, not on the value of their products. We’re their product, and that can’t last forever. I firmly believe that at some point advertising will not be a sustainable business model, not for Google, not for anyone.

Yes, Google could be a different kind of company. They could be a much smaller, much less powerful company.

And I really think that they should consider giving that a try.

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