Get Action—Apple’s Advertising Emphasizes Doing Things

10.22.2014 Business

The general stereotype of the computer nerd is someone living in a dark, cluttered basement or dimly lit room. It’s someone who lives hunched over in front of a glowing screen. It is a stereotype, but if you, like I, have spent time around hard core developers, gamers, and redditors you probably won’t find this […]

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Deconstructing The Watch: About Time

10.07.2014 gadgets

As we endure the endless speculation about the upcoming, but mostly unknown Apple Watch I prefer to explore what makes something a watch, and, what that thing we wear on our wrists might become. To do that, we need to have a discussion about time. We can be philosophical about time or we can go deep […]

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Deconstructing The Watch: What’s In A Name

10.06.2014 history

It amuses me to read and hear so much about products like Apple’s new watch (called the “Apple Watch”). It’s a product that won’t be released for some time and we don’t really know much about it. And yet so many are staking out their ground. “I won’t buy or wear one!” “It’s the end […]

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Two Weeks Of Writing Prompts: #3-Here’s An Apple

09.24.2014 writing

Today’s prompt requires that you choose before using this prompt: use your imagination or a physical object. Here’s an apple. Now write.     Remember, this is a writing exercise. Don’t try to be clever. Don’t worry about being good. Just write.   More Writing Prompts

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Google Without Advertising

05.06.2014 Business

Google is a gigantic advertising sales company. That’s pretty much where all of their revenue comes from. They make cool stuff that you and I think is free, collect up all of the personal data about us, and then sell that information to others along with advertisements that they’ll bombard us with. They make lots and lots […]

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