Writing Assignment: Write About A Superpower

by Randy Murray on May 9, 2014

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? A plane?

Nope, just me. How’s it going down there?

Superpowers have long held a fascination for us mere humans. Long ago we called them gods and heroes. Now they wear tights and sometimes sport capes. But each and every one can do at least one thing that is beyond the capability of us un-augmented models.

But we can dream. We can imagine what it must be like.

What would you do? Fly? Be invulnerable? Become invisible? Read minds? Swing between the skyscrapers? Avenge the wrongs committed by evildoers?

What would be your superpower?

For today’s assignment pick one superpower. Bestow yourself with a single capability that far surpasses anything that humans can currently do. Don’t worry about vulnerabilities. There are always plenty of those. Just concentrate on one thing that you could do, and then, write about what you might do with such a power.

Having a power might not make you a crime fighter. It might make you something else. What would that be?

Take a few minutes to detail just how life would be different with this new ability.


For bonus points, give yourself a superhero name.


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