Pick One

by Randy Murray on March 18, 2013

Abundance is a curse.

You can have anything that you want for lunch. So why eat another bland fast food hamburger and fries?

There are literally hundreds of shows on the television. So why stare at another hour of screaming reality TV stars?

You don’t eat, drink, or watch bad things because they are cheap. You default to them because they are easy.

You are responsible for what you consume.

If I told you that you could watch just one movie this month, you might spend more time considering your choice. You’d pick carefully. If you were limited to just one hour of television a day you’d say no to most programs. If you lived on bread and milk and had just one meal a week of your choice you be careful not to waste the opportunity.

Your options are virtually unlimited. And you, you alone are responsible for limiting your options. You are.

Pick one.


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