Read Your Favorite Book Again

08.08.2013 Books and Literature

There are so many, many books to read. I have a lifetime of reading ahead of me, and that only includes books already written and published. So why would I read a book that I’ve already read? There are many reasons to re-read books. Some books are like old friends. They are comforting to read […]

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Being Literate Means Being Able To Write, Not Just Read

07.10.2013 writing

It is a national shame that here in the United States we do not have 100% literacy. Even those we pass through the U.S. K-12 education system often have very limited abilities to read and communicate. Those limits become life barriers: barriers to jobs, income, social status, and the future of their children and generations […]

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Why We Need Editors: It’s About The Reader, Not The Writer

07.08.2013 blogging

I’m closing off this series on why writers need editors with this simple statement: writers need editors when they care about the reader. Editing isn’t about removing the writers voice, changing their ideas, or making their writing vanilla-flavored. Good editing is about helping the writer to make all of those things WORK. Good editing is […]

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The Life of a Personal Library

05.01.2013 Books and Literature

It’s simple, I judge people by what is on their bookshelves. Whenever my wife points to a spot somewhere in the house and asks, “What should we put here?” I reply, “another bookcase.” We have many, but not nearly enough. Space for books, physical, printed books, is hard to come by, even when I’m buying […]

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Tools For Writers: The Reader’s Journal

02.11.2013 Books and Literature

I wish I’d kept a journal of every book I’ve read over the years. I have a very good memory of what I’ve read or intend to read, but it would be so nice to flip through the pages and see what I thought or felt as I read those books across the years. There […]

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