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Social, But Not Completely Open

01.23.2012 Business

It’s very simple: complete transparency is a mistake. You are not one person. My fellow home theater enthusiasts aren’t really interested in my literary pursuits or my political beliefs. My customers aren’t particularly interested in the latest addition to my home theater or my enthusiasm for Apple products (or the stock!). And the whole world [...]

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Books Over Blogs

03.31.2011 blogging

“Books are the new business cards,” I’m told. I also hear that “books are dead.” “Nobody reads any more.” “I don’t have time to read books.” For me, reading books is like breathing, necessary to maintain life and sanity. I’ve come to understand that a book isn’t the paper it’s printed on. A book isn’t [...]

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Some Things I Learned By Showing Up

03.28.2011 blogging

Last week I was on the road again. Although I grow to dislike air travel more and more, I find that showing up in person trumps hours of video conferencing, thousands of tweets, and an infinite string of emails. Don’t get me wrong; this future world that we live in is marvelous. I’m making connections, [...]

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Why I Love Doing Podcasts And Hate Listening To Them

03.23.2011 blogging

As a writer I love doing things that don’t involve writing. A paradox? Nope. Writing is hard work. So when I get the chance to record a podcast or appear on a radio program, I’m all over it. Talking is EASY compared to writing (actually there’s a blog post in that, or perhaps a doctoral [...]

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Take A Moment To Brag About Someone Else

03.22.2011 blogging

Are social media just for saying, “Look what I’m doing! See what exciting place I’m visiting! Don’t forget about me!”? Much of this is so very uninteresting. I just don’t care. But a simple shift and things start to attract my interest. Stop talking about yourself and talk about other people. I’m a parent, so [...]

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