Writing Assignment: Rhapsodize On A Simple Pleasure

by Randy Murray on February 10, 2012

There are few things in life as pleasurable as putting on a new pair of thick cotton gym socks.

Actually, there are many things. They are typically simple, inconsequential things, but they bring us pleasure. They feel good to us, evoke memories, or alleviate a problem or pain we’ve endured. They make us smile because they are simple, often private recognitions and momentary awareness of the uniqueness and special qualities of life.

The other day my wife bought me a bag of new white gym socks, the kind that go up over your ankle, but not up your calf (those I do not care for). The socks I’ve been wearing for the last few years were transparent at the heels. I’d been tossing them out, sock by sock, as they wore though. I can’t say I was excited about opening a bag of socks, but as I pulled the first one on it was as if I’d forgotten what a sock was.

This new one was thick and soft and hugged my foot to a forgotten degree of snugness. There were no sags or gaps and no rubbing against my worn running shoes. For a moment I considered adding new socks to my monthly shopping list so I could feel like this all of the time. I thought for a while about making these socks, so white that they glow, a part of my standard uniform, which typically consists of faded jeans and a pirate t-shirt. Instead of putting them in the clothes hamper at night, I’d put the socks in the rag bin and take out a fresh pair from the stacks of new and never-worn ones, always reveling in their perfect caressing fluffiness. Perhaps I could start up a blog and twitter feed about socks . . .

Or I could enjoy this simple pleasure and get on with my day.

For today’s assignment, take a moment and let your enthusiasm for something simple, something special, run wild. Don’t try to be clever or to find something that many others will share. Just take that one little thing that makes you unexpectedly happy and write about it.

If you’re not writing this assignment with a smile on your face you’re doing it wrong.


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