Things Are Just Starting To Get Interesting

01.27.2014 Future

I’ve been on the Internet since 1986. Back then I used it primarily to discuss the minutiae of the original Star Trek series with people inside the Pentagon, universities, and with other Bell Lab employees across the country. In 1995 I left my job in corporate America and started an Internet consultancy. I eventually went […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Prediction About The Future

01.10.2014 writing

The future is an undiscovered country*. It is unknown and unknowable. And yet, we can shape it. We can prepare. We can dream. The “what if” question is one of my favorites. It is a most powerful storytelling tool. It can be enlightening to run the thought experiment on an event from the past, to […]

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Freelancers & Retirement: Invest, Don’t Just Save

11.12.2013 Business

For more than a few years I was a business manager. One of the most difficult things that I tried to do, and mostly failed at, was to convince employees to invest part of their earnings. I tried saying, “Every PRE TAX dollar that you set aside for your future will be matched by the […]

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Writing Assignment: Write About Your God-Like Powers

07.26.2013 Future

This past week I’ve used one of my god-like powers, the ability to publish to a world-wide audience, to talk about how our lives today might be considered god-like to those who came before us. Now it’s your turn. One does not have to become a megalomaniac to consider our lives miraculous compared to those […]

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Live Like Gods: New Hearts, New Lives

07.24.2013 Future

My grandfather died of heart disease when he was 60 years old. Who knows what malady killed my great and great-great grandfathers? Should I develop such ailments, I could have my heart plucked out and replaced by one from a dead man. How is this not like a god? I have not had any life-threating […]

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