Writing Assignment: Write About Your God-Like Powers

by Randy Murray on July 26, 2013

This past week I’ve used one of my god-like powers, the ability to publish to a world-wide audience, to talk about how our lives today might be considered god-like to those who came before us. Now it’s your turn. One does not have to become a megalomaniac to consider our lives miraculous compared to those of our ancestors. In fact, it’s healthy to stop and realize how rich our blessings are, even if these wonders are in the words of William Gibson, “not evenly distributed.”

For today’s assignment, write a brief essay detailing how your life is miraculous compared to an ancestor that lived as little as 100 years ago. You might pick one aspect, say your ability to propel yourself through space in a box of steel at speeds that would have made them scream in fright. Spend a few minutes thinking about how they lived their daily lives and then think about your own. How different is yours? What god-like powers do you possess that you now take completely for granted?

The goal of this essay is for you to stop and realize how many aspects of your life are truly miraculous. What things do you consider common, even boring, that kings and emperors would have sold their souls to possess? Use the essay to embrace this power, this new realization, and then plan on how you will use it. How will you wield this god-like power? What responsibilities to you bear because of these great powers?

Those who come after us may truly be god-like. They may judge us for squandering our own powers. This is your opportunity to embrace your god-hood and start your climb to the summit of Mt. Olympus.

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Katie July 29, 2013 at 2:34 am

Thank you for these writing assignment posts! I like to write and often do not know how to start. I am about to start this assignment- I plan to write comparing to my grandmother Betty. I have never met her, but my mother would tell me stories of how strickt she was. She had a passion for fashion design, we have a few of her designs framed in out home.
I wonder what her fashion designs would look like today if she was a young woman today. I also wonder if she would be doing a different art medium today. I think our feminine role has changed and that has been made possible by the chenge in technology.
Thanks again for the inspiration!


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